Friday, May 08, 2009

MPs, Expenses, Fraud, Change

Good fucking Lord

I am staggered to read about the blatant piss taking over MPs' expenses. I mean, we knew the expenses were going to be bad. But even someone as negative and as cynical as me is actually staggered by the shamelessness displayed by the rancid cuntrags in Parliament. Farcically, it has now reached a stage where you can talk about your favourite expense claim calamity. For the record, my good friend the Moai is incredulous about the 5p spent by one MP on an IKEA carrier bag, whilst I am staggered that an MP managed to spend £2.50 on a fucking KitKat. Seriously, you lazy fucking cunt, walk to the local newsagent rather than taking my money and pissing it away on mini-bar candy. 

That these expense claims are outrageous, insulting and basically amount to embezzlement should be clear to all bar the deeply retarded. But let's see if we can find another side to the argument. Let's see if we can find a way of justifying these expenses.

As far as I can see, there are three ways of doing that. Firstly, MPs could claim that these expenses are just perks of the job. Secondly, they are all obeying the rules, even if the rules do allow them to be outrageous. And thirdly, even if they did break the rules, well, who hasn't exploited an expense system at some time or other?

Ok. First of all, I'd argue being an MP - being elected to represent your fellow citizens and being paid a very good salary for doing so - is enough of a perk for being an MP. By offering opportunities for gross and blatant theft from the taxpayers, you simply attract the type of person who is more interested in lining their fucking pockets rather than actually representing the people. Fuck the concept of MPs having perks - being an MP should be perk enough.

Secondly, the system may allow many of these claims, but that doesn't make them right. As Gordon Brown pays his brother £6k, doesn't he - the conviction politician, the great moralist - stop to think for just one fucking moment that maybe there is something wrong with the situation? As Hoon buys two TVs using taxpayer money, doesn't he stop and think that may his purchases aren't right? And as Jacqui Smith claims for her husband wanking off over blue movies, doesn't she question the system for one moment? The only people who can change the rules that have not been so much exploited as raped are MPs. Their claims that they were only obeying the rules are fine until you think they made up, and maintain, those rules. Labour MPs have got people to rail against bank bosses who award themselves large bonuses, but what else are MPs doing other than awarding themselves large bonuses through the expenses system?

Finally, you could argue that everyone exploits expenses systems. Well, you'd be wrong. I don't. I know other people who don't. Besides, if everyone in the known world raped an expenses system for their own financial benefit, would that make it right? Of course it fucking wouldn't. Just as lots of people committing benefit fraud doesn't make benefit fraud right.

And actually I'd compare the expense exploitation situation to benefit fraud. People exploit the benefits system, so the government tightens up on the rules. MPs exploit the expenses system, and... precisely nothing happens. Even if they do now get round to doing something, it will be because they have been forced by embarrassment into taking action. Our MPs are benefit cheats, they are thieving scum. 

The situation won't change unless we make it change. Those fuckers in Parliament seem to be there to line their pockets, rather than to govern. And that won't change until we vote for real change. For a party that actually has stood opposed to this sort of exploitation since its inception. Yep, you can probably see where this is going, but fuck it. Join LPUK. Support them. I'm a member for a number of reasons; one of those reasons is that they would reform this system. And stop MPs from defrauding the public. 

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At 11:30 pm , Blogger cartermagna said...

Apparently the police have been called in by MPs to apprehend the miscreant who leaked the unredacted details of the expenses.

is it just me or is that back fucking asswards?

At 5:53 pm , Blogger The Nameless Libertarian said...

Audacious. It is like an employee being sacked for thieving from their employers, only for the employee to call in the police to find out how the employer found out in the first place.

The big difference, however, is that no MP has been sacked.



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