Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Secretary of State Clinton

Barack Obama is going through the (no doubt immensely tedious) job of recruiting for his White House team. Amongst the ranks of Democratic party members plucked from relative obscurity to re-enact The West Wing from next January, one name stands out. Oh yes. Hillary Clinton may well end up US Secretary of State.

Not entirely sure why Hillary has been selected. Yes, she has travelled the world - but largely as First Lady. Her hands on, frontline political experience has been as a Senator, and whilst you can argue that New York is a melting pot, it is a big leap to suggest that her experience as a Senator allows her to become Secretary of State at probably the most crucial time since the Vietnam War.

In fact, you could almost claim that Hillary has got her role simply to unite the Democrats. But does Obama really need to unite the Democrats? I'd argue they are more united than they have been for decades, and Obama himself has won the first majority in the popular vote for the Democrats since 1976. Yes, Hillary Clinton remains a rival, and yes, I understand the logic of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer. But seriously, Clinton won't be a threat to Obama for a while.

But if Obama really does need to rebuild bridges in the Democrats then why not choose someone with more direct foreign policy experience? Someone who has traversed the globe as a front line, international statesman? Someone who could also help to unite the Democrats?

Why not make Bill Clinton the Secretary of State?

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