Monday, April 14, 2008

Mark Speight, kids TV presenter, has been found dead near/in Paddington station. Cue a thousand and one slack-jawed idiots saying "oooo, this is what happens when you take drugs."

Now, his fiancée did die after a drink and drugs bender. In fact, she did die in a pretty fucking horrific way after a drink and drugs bender. To die of heart failure after getting into a scalding bath (and getting burns on 60% of your body) is an awful way to go. I’m not of the opinion that any way of dying is particularly nice, but her death is one hell of a lot different than passing away in your sleep, surrounded by your loved ones.

Had she not taken the drugs, she might have survived. Equally, had she not taken the drugs and been really drunk, she might have still had this accident. Likewise, people binge on drink and drugs all the time, and don’t die in the bath. This was a tragic accident. That led (or so it appears) to the tragic death of Speight. This is not an example of how drugs can destroy you – this is an example of what can happen if you are not compos mentis.

A tragic accident, and a probable suicide, destroyed two lives. This is a time for their families to greive - it is not a fucking agenda to bang on about how evil drugs are.

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