Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Banning booze... from being by the cheese!

The Drinkers Alliance are doing a survey - go take a look, sign-up etc etc.

What did amuse me, though, was this quote from an e-mail about their survey:
Virtually all of the respondents thought that the Government's idea to make people queue up twice - buying alcohol at a special supermarket checkout - was flawed and our community has overwhelmingly rejected the politicians arguments that wine can't be sold next to cheese!
That's right, the people taking the survey have the good sense to realise that not selling booze next to cheese is not going to make a blind bit of fucking difference to the drinking habits of the nation. The only staggering thing is that the politicians who run this country thought it might. I'd say it makes despair of them, but the truth is, I despaired of them a long time ago.

Still, I'm off to the supermarket now to pick up some final supplies for Christmas. And I'd like the government to rest assured that any alcohol I buy will be a result of me wanting to buy alcohol. Not because it is located next to the cheese. And as a heads up, a special checkout queue wouldn't make do anything other than to piss me off just a little bit more.

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At 1:13 pm , Blogger James Higham said...

Makes one wonder. Anyway, Merry Christmas and don't dehydrate.

At 11:23 am , Blogger The Nameless Libertarian said...

Indeed - Merry Christmas to all!



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