Thursday, April 17, 2008

Snot worth a caution

It really was the Crime of the Century:

A boy was cautioned by police after pretending to sneeze and then wiping his hand on David Cameron's jacket as the Conservative leader visited Sussex.
The boy himself knew he did something wrong.

"It's not really that funny. I know it's not big. I just did it for a laugh."
But is this really an example of a *crime* that requires a caution? Boy behaves like tit to politician. I mean, some could say that he was making a valid political point. Cameron is best used as a receptacle for snot. It may not be that the most well thought through political point, and it is not that satirical. But really, is this sort of stupidity worth a caution?

Also, I think a lot of voters would have more time for Cameron had he twatted the boy in the side of the head for being a tit. Like that fat fuck Prescott did.

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