Monday, April 23, 2007

It is not a beauty contest...

...which is just as well for Sarkozy otherwise he would lose - badly:

Now French Politics is not of massive interest to me. There is enough going on in US and UK politics to keep me occupied. When I was studying politics at uni, French politics was one of my least favourite subjects (or "modules", as the fashionable term was back then). I always lose track of which republic they are on (I think it is fifth but it could be sixth). But from the research I have been doing and the conversations I have had, it does seem like France is at a critical turning point. It stretches credibility slightly, but there are links between France today and Britain in 1979.

And, just as they did with Merkel in Germany, people are looking for the Thatcherite figure to come to power and turn the country around. And they seem to have found that figure in Royal. But when you actually cut through all the bullshit, the honest truth is the only way you could call Royal Thatcherite is because of her sex. But Thatcher was successful because of her policies and determination to see those policies through, not because of her gender. And whilst Royal has paid lip service to some radical reform in France (such as attacking the 35 hour working week) she remains, fundamentally, a socialist. And that is proper, old school socialist - no the Nu Labour socilaist lite model we have in this country. All a socialist President will do is further increase the problems of France, and further cripple an already stagnant country.

Which is why Sarkozy - for all his flaws and headline grabbing comments - is the best option for France. If he acts on his electoral rhetoric (always difficult for our elected politicians but you never know) then he could do a great deal of good for France. France needs to move away from the stagnant leadership of Chirac, but not into the arms of an utterly discredited political ideology. Sarkozy will have a lot to prove if he makes it into office, but I think the chances of him making a difference are far greater than Royal make a positive difference.

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At 4:52 pm , Blogger Big Chip Dale said...

Though you have to admit that there has never been a man who looks more French.


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