Sunday, November 06, 2011

Random Observations #1

To the makers of Felix "As good as it looks" cat food: it doesn't look that good. In fact, it looks like shredded chunks of dead animal in fatty jelly. The cats love it because, I suspect, it is the feline equivalent of KFC. But given how it looks to this human, you might want to work on your marketing just a wee bit.



At 1:22 pm , Anonymous NickM said...

My cat refuse to eat AGAIL but will eat the ordinary cheaper Felix and likes, in general, the cheaper supermarket own brands.

He does go mental for "Dreamies" treats. I mean mental.

At 7:27 pm , Blogger The Nameless Libertarian said...

We're only just starting our cats on Dreamies. One will eat anything at all, the other is very fussy - premium cat food. Or dust. It's a niche diet.


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