Monday, September 21, 2009

"That dwarf"

Dominique de Villepin on his rival Nicholas Sarkozy:
He's the man Mr de Villepin is known to refer to in private as "that dwarf".
The whole article is worth reading in full. It details just how de Villepin has ended up on trial for slandering his one time rival for the Presidency. And it hints at the level of animosity there must have been (and no doubt still is) between these two figures.

Of course, this sort of behaviour isn't limited to France. Our own "beloved" Prime Minister has no issue with burying his rivals beneath a veritable shit storm of innuendo and smears. What is missing from this country, though, is the little asides like one potential President calling another "that dwarf". I would love to know what Brown has called David Miliband or Harriet Harman behind their backs. I suspect it would make Mr de Villepin's comments look positively tame...

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