Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Protesting? Nah, strike!

Some people will protest at the drop of a hat - over wars, over pay cuts, over pay rises that are deemed too low, and so on. Other people will only protest if they really have to. I'd class myself in the latter camp. I don't protest over everything, but when it comes to key issues like ID cards, I will be protesting like there is no tomorrow when the day finally comes when the government tries to make me carry one.

I'd also class our MPs in the latter category. They seem to meekly accept pretty much everything, but now have found a cause that they *may* actually decide to protest. vAnd what is that cause? Why, having parliamentary offices searched, of course:
The House of Commons Speaker is to make a statement over the decision to allow police to search the offices of shadow immigration minister Damian Green. Michael Martin is expected to face a protest unless he grants a full parliamentary debate on the issue.
Isn't it funny how people become more eager to protest when it is their peers who are under threat, and they think they might be next? I'm not saying our MPs are self-serving, of course not... that would be crazy.

What I would say to our elected representatives is that a protest may not be enough. If they really want to make their case, then they should just go on strike. Down tools; just stop working. Striking is the way forward for our MPs. They can protect their rights by simply refusing to work. And MPs not working on any more generally shitty laws, not continuing to nationalise the financial sector, and not pontificating about issues that they have no intention of dealing with, may have a net benefit for the population as well...

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At 11:13 am , Blogger Letters From A Tory said...

Labour won't go on strike so their march towards full nationalisation will continue unopposed if the Conservatives make a stand!

At 11:40 am , Blogger RobW said...

Sounds like a fine idea.

At 2:27 pm , Blogger James Higham said...

I'm reminded of the ending of V for Vendetta.


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