Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sex on the beach

There are some crimes that warrant prison terms. There are some crimes that practically demand them. Shagging on the beach, however, wouldn't be one of the ones that really stands out. After all, if such as law was introduced in, say, Ibiza, then their prison population would quadruple overnight. However, not everyone agrees with this stance on public shagging. At least, not the authorities in Dubai:

A British man and woman have been sentenced to three months in jail in Dubai after being found guilty of having sex on a beach.
Three months for a fondle on a sun lounger seems draconian; but when I think about it, I have very little sympathy for these people. Ultimately, they should have known better - not least because a police officer told them to stop what they were doing before their arrest! Even if they are going to plead ignorance of the law, or that they weren't actually playing hide the chipolata, then a police officer telling you to stop what you are doing should be a pretty good indicator that it is time to stop what you are doing and move on to doing something else.

Ultimately, though, it should be obvious that other countries do have different ideas about what constitutes acceptable behaviour. As a heads up, people, countries with a strong religious foundation are generally going to be less permissive than that Club 18-30 that you went on a couple of years ago. You might not agree with their religion, you might not agree with their laws. But whilst you are in their country, you need to obey their laws.



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