Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Insanity of Robert Mugabe

In case anyone wasn't aware of it, Robert Mugabe, de facto dictator of Zimbabwe, has become (or possibly always was) a mentalist of the highest order. The sort of mad old man you might see wandering down the street, ranting delusional shite at no-one in particular. Of course, if you see that mad old man on the street you can always cross to the other side, or take a longer route to avoid him. The people of Zimbabwe have no respite or escape from the demented old fucker who currently runs their country. Mugabe's slow decline is not just affecting him, but an entire nation of people suffering torture, murder, the suppression of basic rights, economic collapse and even starvation. The insanity of Robert Mugabe is destroying a whole country.

And for anyone wondering whether Mugabe is totally insane or whether this is just blogging hyperbole (of which there is no shortage on this blog), I actually have some evidence. It is not a case of me waking up this morning and deciding I wanted to have a pop at someone and just happened to pick on Mugabe*. The ongoing election crisis (ie Mugabe didn't win) is highlighting just how far Mugabe has descended into the realms of the demented. Take this comment on his imagined right to rule:
"Only God who appointed me will remove me - not the MDC, not the British."

Well, the MDC are trying hard to remove Mugabe. Which is kind of what they are supposed to do, what with them being the opposition and all. They'd be a pretty shit opposition if they accepted Mugabe's divine right to rule and fucked off into the sunset, wouldn't they?

And I'm not entirely sure that the British are trying to remove Mugabe. Sure, the government don't approve of Mugabe, but is Mugabe really so paranoid that he thinks the whining of that pimple of a man David Miliband really constitutes a fucking attempt to remove him from power? Mugabe should get into the habit of ignoring everything David Miliband says. That's what the rest of the world does.

But it is the concept of God appointing Mugabe and deciding when he steps down that shouts most loudly about Mugabe's mental decay. I mean, really, what is supposed to have happened? God descended from the clouds a few decades ago, and annoited Mugabe ruler of Zimbabwe for as long as the divine being believes it to be appropriate? And how is God going to communicate when it is time for Mugabe to go? Because I'd imagine those who do believe in the invisible sky fairy could probably argue that the vertiginous decline of Zimbabwe, and the horrific state of that country at the moment, might be a message from God that it is time for Mugabe to retire into the shadows, and let someone else have a go at ruling his country.

However it is clear that Mugabe thinks he has a divine right to rule, and that is immensely depressing for anyone in Zimbabwe. Because he won't step down now, or accept any election defeats. It is all irrelevant. In his demented, decrepit old brain, God has told Mugabe that it is ok to rule in perpetuity.

And that leaves Zimbabwe broken and brutalised, on the cusp of a civil war.

*Some days I do wake up and want to have a pop at someone. When that happens, the default person is Gordon Brown. Because he really is a execrable piece or rectal sputum.

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At 7:59 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good post. You'd almost feel sorry for the delusional old man if it wasn't for his murderous autocratic charms.


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