Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Election 08 - Obama-Clinton?

The new strategy of the Hillary Clinton campaign - position her to be Obama's Vice-President.

Seriously, I'm impressed with this idea. Not because I think it is a good one, but rather because it shows Hillary's courage. It takes a lot of fucking courage to spend the best part of a year telling a guy he's rubbish and not up to the job of fighting an election in November (at the same time as losing a series of elections to him) only to turn around and beg him for a job as soon as he has convincingly defeated you. It moves beyond "ambitious" part of the electioneering spectrum and moves more towards the "naked, unthinking lust for power" part.

Still, Obama could do a lot worse than getting her on the ticket with him. After all, if she is running for office with him, even she will have to concede that the nomination race is over and she can finally turn her relentlessly, energetic hectoring on the Republicans. Surely not even Clinton would have the naked audacity to continue to run for the Democratic nomination for President even after she has been nominated for Vice-President?

Actually, I'll stop right there. Don't want to give Hillary any ideas...

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