Thursday, April 17, 2008

Meaningless Celebrity Endorsements

The Democratic candidates for the presidential nomination are still debating each other, sniping about each other’s gaffes in a way that can’t even be interesting to them, let alone anyone in America or the wider world. This *contest* for the Democratic nomination has come to resemble nothing more than a streak of piss from a incontinent old man – long, weak and painful for all involved.

I’m not going to comment on the latest debate between Clinton and Obama. Stuff was said, no-one cared. What I am going to comment on is the latest celebrity endorsement for Obama. Yes, Ladies and Gentleman, it is the Boss himself – I give you, Mr Bruce Springsteen!

And he is not the only celebrity endorsing a candidate in this Presidential Election Cycle. Oh no. There is a comprehensive list here. Clearly celebrity endorsements are a key commodity if you are aspiring to be the (supposed) leader of the free world.

And this mindset – of getting people utterly irrelevant to back your campaign for political office – is catching on in this country as well. Ken has released his list of 20 Celebrity backs – although, Iain Dale rightly contests whether some of them are actually celebrities. Even Charlie Brooker – a person whose work I generally find very amusing – is backing that piss midget Ken. It can only be a matter of time before some celebrity drags their sorry hide out of the woodwork to back Gordo – though fuck knows who it would be. Maybe Peter Sutcliffe could be tapped up – he’s probably one of the few people in the country whose reputation would be enhanced rather than wrecked by backing Brown.

I don’t doubt that some of these people will sway some voters, both in this country and across the pond. But really, who cares who Springsteen backs? Or Charlie Brooker? Or that anodyne cock from The Apprentice? It shouldn’t matter. Every celebrity is entitled to their opinion and to their vote. But if you are so star-struck and celebrity obsessed that actually vote based on their opinions, then you are a tit. You are even more dense that someone who would buy an aftershave because David Beckham endorses it, or a grill because some old boxer endorses it. And with that in mind, shouldn’t be trusted with a vote anyway.

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