Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rick Perry: Intellectual Giant

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At 4:34 pm , Blogger James Higham said...

Can't see him coming back from this. Actually, why are they propping up Cain? Getting a nasty feeling about that.

At 7:29 pm , Blogger The Nameless Libertarian said...

Cain will be buried beneath a tidal wave of barely hinted at innuendo. Romney will be their man in the end. And he'll almost certainly lose the presidential race next year.

At 7:36 am , Blogger John said...

There are two "memes" at work here in the US. One, the Republican, is to seek to get a lowest-common denominator character elected president. I suspect that they tried very hard with GWB and found that only with technological interference could they succeed. The Democratic meme seems outwardly more earnest and high minded, perhaps. Clinton and Obama are vastly more individualized than GWB ever was. Yet when trends are looked at closely, there seems little sign that any important strategic differences exist between the parties. The healthcare plans advanced by Obama are directly out of Reagan's proposals. There is also a discernible historical bent for administrations from opposing parties to leave office with some really disgusting situation left for their successor to clean up. The Iraq and Afghan wars are fine examples. The irony may be that unless the Republicans can field an absolutely atrocious candidate - and still appear to be making an effort to win the election - they will inherit the same situation they handed off to the democrats in 2008. The economy will still be in the tank and Iraq and Afghanistan will still be simmering, with Iran coming up to a boil as well.


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