Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ed Miliband: Economic Dullard

Ed Miliband - a-ok with bombing Libya, but revise a growth forecast, and he's all ersatz rage.

Of course, it just plain doesn't work. Despite all of his jibes and quips, Eddie Boy just doesn't look credible. Partly it is his grating, partially constipated voice. But mainly it is down to the fact that he, and his party, have the economic credibility of a profligate drunk in a Las Vegas casino. In power, they pissed money away like someone with a fiscal urinary infection. They made the coalition - a government with all the ideological convictions of an empty plastic bag - into the government of controversial cuts. Watching Ed Miliband berate the coalition is a bit like watching a drunk clutching a can of Special Brew berating a social drinker. It just isn't convincing.

Ed Miliband blames the Coalition for slowing the pace of growth. I blame Ed Miliband, and his incompetent party, for making growth an issue and for doing their level best to bankrupt our country. Ed Miliband: the coalition may be pretty shite, but you have all the credibility of a tapeworm.

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At 5:46 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

..."pissed away money like someone with a fiscal urinary infection"! A classic. Too right.


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