Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bob Geldof, in self-pity mode:
I'd love people to hear it, but I don't think people will. You've got all the baggage that comes with me: The Boomtown Rats, all the tabloid stuff... You've got to get through an awful lot of stuff, then put it aside and say, "well, I'll have a listen, I'll give him a go".

But bizarrely enough, people do buy my stuff, so I get to play great theatres all over the world. Except in the UK, where they don't give a crap.

You could put up a poster with 'Tonight! Bob Geldof!' on it, and people would see it and say, "OK, fair enough…" then wander off saying, "Doing what? Is he gonna rant at us about Africa?"
Yeah, that's all true, Bob, but I do think that there is another reason why people won't want to hear your record - it's the fact that you haven't actually produced anything worth hearing since 1982. A 20 year gulf in the production of anything of real artistic merit is a big jump for any artist to overcome, Bob, even one as arrogant and self-assured as your good self.

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At 2:14 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you heard the CD? Maybe you should give it a listen before you make comments like that.

At 3:19 pm , Blogger The Nameless Libertarian said...

No, I haven't heard the CD. And I have no intention of doing so. But I am commenting on Geldof's music for the past 20 odd years, which I do have more than a passing knowledge of, and using that to explain why I - and no doubt many others - won't be listening to his new product.

Perhaps you should read, and try to understand, the post before commenting?

At 12:00 pm , Blogger ADMIN said...

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