Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baroness Scotland

So, she broke a law that she helped to draft. And she has been fined for it. Yet, according to Gordon Brown, she doesn't have to resign. It really does beg the question of what the fuck someone has to in order to have to resign in the world of Gordon Brown. Unless, of course, the law she broke doesn't need to be adhered to. In which case is this law strictly speaking necessary? And if not, then surely the person who helped to bring it onto the statute books should resign?

Either way, Baroness Scotland really needs to go.

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At 8:15 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems to be the case that politicians are so immensely arrogant and stupid that they do not even catch a scent of what is in the wind. "We're in charge: what could go wrong?"

In my angry moments, like now, I think the only thing is to put them up against a wall. Then I wait until I calm down. It is after I have calmed down and in a very serene frame of mind that I imagine pulling the trigger.

At 11:31 am , Blogger Alan Douglas said...

For Gordon Brown, there is NEVER a case for resignation, now that Blair has gone ....

Also, accusations of sleaze against Labour are all ineffective, because by definition, only Tories can indulge in sleaze.

Alan Douglas


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