Monday, June 22, 2009

The Speaker's Election

I wonder whether anyone will do any sort of a liveblog of the Speaker's election. One imagines that even the hardiest of would-be political commentators have better things to do with their time than relay perhaps one of the most dull elections known to man in microscopic detail.

Still, there are some who argue that this is one of the most important elections for Speaker in history. Which I would be more inclined to agree with if the contestants weren't a horse faced woman, an angry testicle, an obsequious little twat and a whole bunch of non-entities eyeing up retirement vying for the office. When it is difficult to get excited about the candidates in an election (or even work out who they are) it is sure as hell difficult to give a short sharp fuck about who wins. Besides, some of the key voters are those members of the Labour government who allowed Gordon Brown to seize the Labour leadership unopposed. Their judgment is not so much flawed as full on retarded. 

The new Speaker is not the fundamental change the House of Commons needs to recover from what has been one of the worst years in its history. It is a distraction - all smoke and mirrors designed to hide the fact that there has been very little change in the aftermath of the expenses meltdown. I've said it before and will probably have to say it again, but it is time for the people to decide what change they want in the Commons. And that can only be done through a General Election. 

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