Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Small Levy - Fuck Off.

Every Briton with a fixed-line phone will pay a "small levy" of 50p per month to pay for faster net access.

The national fund created by the levy will be used to ensure most Britons get access to future net technologies.
Just fuck off. The lot of you. Fuck off. If you don't know why this is wrong, you should just fuck off. If you do know why this is wrong and are doing it anyway, then you should fuck off. I pay enough to the government each fucking year without having to pay more to access the internet to learn that the government is going to charge me for having a phone line to access the internet!

In summary: fuck off.

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At 8:25 pm , Blogger Pavlov's Cat said...

Exactly what I was thinking when I read it, only with more fuck off's and a few cunts thrown in.

At 10:27 pm , Anonymous INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Well, well so WE PAY for them to restrict our access(Censorship!!!!!) under the guise of getting the poor hooked up!!!!!!!!

Heads up, INCOMING!!!!!!!!

At 6:25 pm , Blogger Vindico said...

It feels like the school bully has just grabbed your crisps, yanked your tie, and shoved you back a step while he walks off with his two henchmen.

At 11:34 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

My old Mum still has a BT landline ( honest ! ) but has no interest in broadband or the internet.

I already have broadband but have no landline, go figure Mr Brown, useless cunt.


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