Friday, June 12, 2009

Pandemic Panic

Swine 'flu has made the jump into the big leagues; yep, it is a pandemic now. And I for one am shitting myself with raw fear when I read the figures:
Official reports say there have been nearly 30,000 cases globally and 141 deaths, with figures rising daily.
141 deaths! Fuck me. With a world population of literally billions, that is terrifying. A fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the total population have died of a mutated version of a virus that kills hundreds each year anyway. Wow. 

But whilst we're in the game of whipping up new hysteria, I'm afraid I've found a new pandemic. Air crashes. Seriously, the recent crash of Air France 447 probably killed all 228 people on board. That is nearly double the amount that have died of swine 'flu... Actually, thinking about it, there must be pandemics everywhere as people are dying all the time of similar causes. Almost as if people die from disease and accidents all the time...

If there is a genuine disease that threatens the population of this planet, then it won't be the disease that finishes us off. It will be the built immunity we have to the shrill, hysterical reporting we get of the latest adaptation of the fucking 'flu virus that will get us. Because if the real apocalyptic virus hit us, then the media would rapidly become the boy who cried wolf, and we wouldn't notice just how serious things were until it is too late. 

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At 12:34 pm , Blogger said...

Well bloody said! It is ridiculous, the media hype over swine flu is what makes it worse... had they not reported on it most of the world would have had no idea that it even existed, and the "pandemic" could have come and gone without having to be a part of any of our lives.

The comment that "the media will become the boy who cried wolf" is spot on. However, I guess they have to find something new to write about and scaremonger the public. It is a form of control.

That is why I cherry pick what I read in the news, and take all of it with a healthy pinch of salt.


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