Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Labour: Fuck Democracy

DK highlights this horrific article on LabourList. He's going to do a full fisking, and I'll look forward to that. But I just wanted to highlight a particular part of the article because, to me, it sums up exactly why the Labour party that their slavish, statist followers are so downright dangerous to this country:
We must, of course, do everything we can to win the general election, but if we lose there is no limit to what the Tories could do. Parliamentary sovereignty means that the British people have no fundamental rights and there are no laws which parliament cannot change or abolish with a simple majority. Given this, the Tory response to this ‘unprecedented’ crisis could be truly terrifying and hugely damaging.
Of course, back here in the real world we all know that the British people do have one crucial right - to choose the party, and the policies, at General Elections that they want to run this country for up to five years. But no, no - LabourList would happily remove that right. 

They are so astoundingly arrogant that they believe that their policies - discredited and unpopular as they are - are so utterly correct that they have the right to ignore democratic process and instill what they believe to the perfect political truth as an absolute certainty in the British political system. Their arrogance is staggering - if you, the electorate, dares to criticise what they believe by suggesting that you will vote for the opposition at the next election, then guess what - they will do everything within their political power to cripple that incoming government as much as possible. 

Much has been written about how Gordon Brown's economic policies have the whiff of scorched earth about them - now it appears that the same is true of everything the Labour party now wants to do. The democratic process is only to be allowed to run its course if it is in the favour of the Labour party. Otherwise, they will use the state - for as long as they are in power - to remove your right to choose an alternative way of running the country. 

Put simply: democracy doesn't matter anymore, because the Labour Party are going to do their level best to use the state to cripple any democratic choice within this country. It is outrageous, it is dictatorial, it is authoritarian. And it shows why the Labour movement - and the godawful, unelected zealot who runs that party despite having no mandate and no real backing from the people - must fall in an election as soon as possible.

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At 10:52 pm , Blogger Sue said...

Mike Smith, mini hitler, total dick, needs stringing up or sending to some nice totalitarian country somewhere, nuff said!


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