Monday, June 15, 2009

An Inquiry into Iraq. Sort Of.

No doubt this will have the opponents of the Iraq War shaking their heads in a mix of disgust and despair:
An independent inquiry into the Iraq war will be held in private, Prime Minister Gordon Brown has told MPs.
Some would say that an independent inquiry held in a democracy might benefit from being held in public, and open to the scrutiny of all. Such people are, of course, hopelessly old-fashioned. They probably believe that think that a Prime Minister should be elected and everything!

Still, since this independent inquiry is being held in the dark - sorry, sorry, in private - I reckon I can guess what that outcome will be. Gordon Brown was right. And if he wasn't right, then it wasn't his fault anyway. 

Democratic government in Britain today - an inquiry to be held in private ordered by an unelected Prime Minister into a war years after that war started ages ago that said Prime Minister voted for. I wonder how much the white paint for this whitewash will cost the taxpayer...

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At 9:55 am , Blogger Letters From A Tory said...

So much for Gordon's promise to the PLP to be more transparent.


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