Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Downfall of Downfall

We've all been there: you first see something funny, or hear a great joke, and it is hilarious. Real laugh out loud funny. Then you see it again, or an adaptation of it, and it is less funny. Or someone tells you a variation of the joke, and it gets less funny each time. And it goes on like that; a slow process of attrition, until you just think that the joke is shit and you are fucking sick of hearing it. 

I feel that way about those Downfall videos now.  The first time I saw one - about Hillary Clinton's failing bid for the Democratic nomination - it was laugh out loud funny. Now there are so many of them - dealing with everything from the BNP winning EU seats through to Derek Draper being a bit of a cunt - that it becomes more comment worthy if a political failure doesn't have the clip from Downfall adapted to suit the particular circumstances.

So enough already, people. Give the Downfall spoofs a rest. And if you leave it for long enough, you never know - it might get funny again. 

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At 12:27 pm , Blogger Mark Wadsworth said...

I'm disappointed.

I was hoping you'd done your own Downfall spoof in which Hitler complains that Downfall spoofs aren't funny any more. If you can do that and make it funny, then hats off to you!

At 12:45 pm , Blogger Costello said...

Yeah. When you get The Daily Mash running a "Germans Use Brown Video For Hitler Spoof" story you know it's been done to death.

At 12:51 pm , Blogger James Higham said...

They have to go for the overkill, don't they?


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