Thursday, June 25, 2009

BBC News:
Conservative MPs are to pay back another £125,000 in expenses as a result of the party's scrutiny review of claims, David Cameron has said... It doubles to about £250,000 the amount being paid back by Tory MPs in total.
Difficult to know what to say other than "oh". As a taxpayer I'm pleased we're getting some of the money back (no doubt to be wasted by the government in some other way), although I do have to say that I'd be happier if it hadn't been robbed from us in the fucking first place.
The further repayments showed a "collective" understanding of the scale of problem, Mr Cameron added, and demonstrated the party's "real desire to take a lead over what is a very damaging issue".
Or, to put it another way, it reveals the singular desire of the Tory leadership to try to end a scandal that the Tories are just as guilty of as the other parties in Parliament. 

A quarter of a million pounds being repaid by Tory MPs - a fact that could be celebrated if they weren't the representative of the party that will form our next government.



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