Saturday, June 13, 2009

Axing Gordon: Get It Done, Or Shut Up

Peter Mandelson warning Gordon Brown of further plots against him is rather like a cobra warning its prey about the danger of snake bites - you somehow suspect that young Peter may yet play a role in the demise of Gordon Brown.

Nonetheless, the warning about more potential coups against Gordon Brown is probably an accurate one. Whether or not they will succeed is open to debate. After all, the only people less capable that the Prime Minister in the current government are those who would bring him down. 

Still, the Tories and the media must be looking forward to a story of salacious gossip, endless paranoia and absolute paralysis in the government from the top down. And whilst laughing at the misfortune of Gordon Brown is always good fun, I can't help but think that this endless speculation about whether the Prime Minister is going to survive or not has gone on for long enough. It is bad enough that we have a dickhead for Prime Minister; we can really do without these plotters ensuring that our Prime Minister is an enraged dickhead fighting against enemies real and imagined. 

Brown's critics should, to use the comment of another beleaguered Prime Minister, put up or shut up. And no more loaded resignation statements, or angry backstabbing and endless whispering campaigns. If they are going to do it, then they should make sure that they have an iron clad plot that can't fail. Rather than a half-baked scheme relying on amateurs no-one gives a fuck about leaving the Cabinet. Otherwise, they should just grin and bear it: both the grinding incompetence of Gordon Brown, and the inevitable election meltdown that will lead to. 

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