Sunday, December 28, 2008

Politicians of the Year

Some suprises, maybe:

5. Vladimir Putin: If only for his audacity. And for reminding the world that faintly sinister looking baldies shouldn't be underestimated.

4. Gordon Brown: no, really. Probably fifty percent of the posts on this blog have been slating that cunt in some way, so I have to acknowledge that he is a key source of inspiration for me. And in fairness to the evil git, he's managed to pull off one of the most remarkable political comebacks in history despite shafting the economy over the past decade.

3. David Davis: For reminding me that politicians can have principles, and why I voted for him as Tory leader rather than that feckless youth currently heading up the Conservative party.

2. Boris Johnson: Yes, he's been a bit of a wet fart with totalitarian instincts since being elected, but he scores points for actually being a Tory who can win an election and for finally ridding London of that outrageous piss midget Ken Livingstone.

1. Barack Obama: For obvious reasons. Seriously, like him or loath him, you have to concede the guy has achieved a massive amount. This time last year, he was an outside bet for Democratic nominee for President. Next month, he will be sworn in as Bush's replacement. Fair play to the guy.

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