Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Blogs of the Year (and the ones to watch)

The blogs I've enjoyed reading most this year:

5. Guido Fawkes: A great source of controversy and gossip, even if the homophobia and racism of some of the comments sometimes leaves me feeling a little sick.

4. Iain Dale: The polite version of Guido. Yes, the relentless promotion of the Tories and of Dale himself is more than a little wearing, but get past that and there are some interesting and thoughtful posts.

3. Mr Eugenides: Intelligent swear blogging by a baby. And the home, albeit briefly, for my good friend and blogging cohort The Moai.

2. LPUK blog: The blog of a party that will hopefully become more visible next year and also be in a position to contest elections. The different voices posting on this blog make it a refreshing and varied read. Plus, it is the blog of the party I'm a member of so it is going to get a plug here.

1. The Devil's Kitchen: Sometimes too much, sometimes wrong, sometimes just too much but always worth a read. Not so much a blog as a force of nature.

And the blogs I think I'll be starting to read a lot more next year:

5. Question That: Well argued and generally intelligent Libertarianism.

4. Nation of Shopkeepers: As above. Although just a tad more angry.

3. Letters From A Tory: I like the letter format, and there is a refreshing breadth of topic covered off on this blog.

2. I am Livid: Mr Angry has a real turn of phrase, and with his relentless yet entertaining cynicism he's rapidbly becoming one of my (what some would call) daily reads.

1. The Daily Mail Tendency: Because, I swear to God, we're going to do something with this next year. It is a great idea, being held back by the indolence of the two contributors. With that in mind, if you would like to contribute to the The Daily Mail Tendency, then drop me a line. The only criteria is you have to believe that The Daily Mail is a cancerous wart on the face of British society. My e-mail address is thenamelesst[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk.

That's it for today, folks. Happy reading!

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At 12:29 pm , Blogger Devil's Kitchen said...

You're too kind, sir. Nevertheless, I have pinched the recommendation for my testimonials -- I like the force of nature bit.

And you are, as always, welcome to contribute anytime: you're still on that roster...!


At 8:28 pm , Blogger Linda said...

I'm definately a fan of the non PC Guido Fawkes

At 4:44 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for including me in your list of blogs to watch.

Unfortunately, Question That is closing at the end of 2008 (i.e. today). Feel free to take a look through my Top 50 blogs and choose a replacement...


At 7:39 pm , Blogger The Nameless Libertarian said...


Sorry to hear you are closing down... will take a look at the top 50 blogs and see the good stuff there.



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