Friday, October 10, 2008

Punish Them! More!

Gordon Brown on those who have helped to *create* the current banking crisis:

"Our economy is built around people who work hard, who show effort, who take responsible decisions, and whether there is excessive and irresponsible risk-taking, that has got to be punished."
Ignoring the fact that our economy is also built on those who do take some risks, and that risk taking can be a very profitable and useful part of capitalism, who exactly does Brown mean when he is talking about the irresponsible risk takers? Because, sure, some banks have been taking risks that are just plain stupid. But then again, so have members of the public. Taking on a mortgage that you can ill afford and that you end up defaulting on is a massive risk. Is Brown talking about punishing these people as well?

And aren't those who took irresponsible risks - be they banks, bankers, home owners, who-the-fuck-ever - already being punished? Banks are going out of business, bankers are losing their jobs. Surely to fuck that is enough? Or does Brown want to shit on them further? What the fuck is his problem? Can he only satisfy himself by piling on the crap for those already suffering? Is he looking at the City and not seeing enough bankers on the roof, before asking himself what he can do to make the situation fucking worse?

Make no mistake, Brown is loving the current financial crisis. It allows him to flex his socialist, anti-capitalist instincts at the same time as posing as a statesman dealing with a major crisis. But the above comment serves to remind everyone in this country about the one, great Gordon Brown thunder.

He is a complete cunt.

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At 10:05 am , Blogger Letters From A Tory said...

Without risk takers supporting our economy, Gordon Brown would have been booted out as Chancellor years ago.


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