Monday, October 13, 2008

42 Days... All Hail The Lords!

"The government's plans to extend terror detention limits to 42 days have been heavily defeated in the House of Lords. Peers voted to keep the current 28-day limit on pre-charge detentions by 309 votes to 118 - a majority of 191."
Now. I've got a crazy idea. Now the notion of increasing the detention limits has been rejected, let's really think outside the box and instead look at a crazy alternative - let's reduce the pre-charge detention period... but I can't see either the Tories or Labour rushing to embrace that policy, whatever the merits...

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At 7:46 am , Blogger asquith said...

It's precisely because the Lords do things like this that New Labour have always vilified them & tried to replace independent-minded men beholden to no one with ringlickers.

Long may their schemes fail!


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