Monday, June 23, 2008

Zimbabwe: The best way forward...

Congratulations to Mr Mugabe on his election victory! Really, smashing stuff. Who wouldn’t use that age old democratic custom of forcing your opponent through intimidation, violence and murder to pull out of the race just because it looks like he might win?

And with this victory, the people of Zimbabwe have a lot to look forward to:

- Murder
- Suppression of basic human rights
- Political violence
- Hyper-inflation
- Total economic collapse
- Possible starvation
- Maybe even civil war.

We can also expect a lot of shaking of heads and angry grumblings from the rest of the world about this situation. No doubt there will be talk of (more) sanctions. Not quite sure that will be the best course of action. The governments will have to work hard to make sure that the sanctions don’t fuck up the people of Zimbabwe rather than the government. After all, the people of that country have a lot on their plates, what with their government trying to shaft them at every available opportunity.

And now, with Mugabe clinging to power through the will of a fictional divine being, it is difficult to know what the best case of Zimbabwe is. As harsh as it sounds the best thing they can hope for is the death of the ageing Mugabe. A painless death after a sudden illness for Mugabe seems to be the quickest way to bring change to Zimbabwe. Although I don’t think many people would wish that the vile Mugabe’s death is either painless or quick.

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At 4:58 pm , Blogger Mac the Knife said...

I think a nice long, lingering bout of arse-cancer would suit the old prick quite well...


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