Thursday, June 05, 2008

Spam Update

I have a number of clever and witty posts circulating in my mind. However, writing those posts requires concentration and engaging my brain. And since I am on holiday this week, neither concentration or engaging my brain is on the agenda. But just to keep my two or three regular readers interested (or not as the case maybe) here's an update on what comes into my span folder and also what comes into my inbox, owing to the limitations of the spam filter on free e-mail accounts.

The top five for today:

Lambrecht ERDTMANN is offering me a "Huuge Penis" - so big, it seems, it makes him unable to spell.

Pearl Colbert is e-mailing about ROLEX at unbelievable prices! twfr vuoe d. You had me 'til the "twfr vuoe d", Pearl.

Jarrett Comer wishes to discuss Attitude of the Hero. Unfortunately I know very little about heroics, and what I do know I won't be sharing with random spammers.

Moises Cameron (presumably no relation to David Cameron) tells me to Express your masculinity better! Frankly, I think only my friends can comment on my masculinity (or lack thereof) - for me, it is a bit of an assumption for a stranger to judge my masculinity.

And finally we have the ludicrous offering [Crime news] Latest News : 05/06/2008.

Lib Dems? Crime News? Where do they get this crazy crap from? All these mad spammers want is money. Mark my words, no good will come of giving the likes of the Liberal Democrats money...

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