Monday, June 09, 2008

Red Ken? Corrupt Ken!

So, Boris has managed to uncover some of the waste and blatant corruption of the piss midget who used to be Mayor of London. I'm not surprised that Ken and his administration were corrupt to the core; I am surprised that it has been so easily uncovered. For me, it shows the arrogance that was so prevalent in the last days of the Livingstone years. They were so sure they were right, they were so sure that they deserved the money and that Ken would be in power forever that they gave up even thinking about hiding their gross corruption.

Patience Wheatcroft, who heads up the forensic accounting investigation into the aftermath of the Livingstone years, has been damning in her appraisal of the former Mayor:

“Monitoring of projects was scant. Evaluation of effectiveness minimal. The culture of the place was that underspending was deemed to be a failure.”
What she is saying, in business speak, is that they were pissing money up the wall. They were taking money from the tax payers and cunting it away, like it was their personal allowance, their pocket money.

And inevitably the grubby hands of Lee Jasper are all over many of the scandals. My favourite is this one:

Diversity International, a company run by an associate of Jasper. It was paid £346,000 to create a website for London businesses that never appeared. The money is said to have vanished.
Public money vanishing? For some, an accounting regularity. From my perspective, I would describe it as fraud, pure and simple. And those responsible should be prosecuted.

Which would be the perfect end for Livingstone really. Having been booted out of office by a frazzled Tory who most people struggle to take seriously, it would be an appropriate full stop on his career to face prosecution for fraud.

Here's hoping!

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