Saturday, June 21, 2008

I've just turned on the TV (to watch Doctor Who, of course) and have seen that there is a special edition of The Weakest Link. With puppets.

That's right, a woman (who presumably long ago surrendered any remaining dignity for a fuck off large pay packet from the BBC) is patronising puppets due to their lack of general knowledge. On one of this country's most watched TV channels.

I know it takes all sorts, and I know that the BBC has to try to provide content for very different tastes, but seriously, who the ruddy fuck watches a Weakest Link special starring Roland Rat?*

*Except people like me, who are waiting for the next programme to start...


At 6:44 pm , Blogger Mark Wadsworth said...

Dr Who, good call, I nearly forgot that. I shall now log off and rush downstairs.


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