Sunday, June 08, 2008

Doctor Who: Forest of the Dead

Given how I rated last week's episode of Doctor Who, as written by the mighty Steven Moffat, it is probably no surprise that I enjoyed last night's episode as well. In fact, I loved it. Proof, if any further proof was needed, that Steven Moffat is the best person writing for Doctor Who at the moment.

For me, one of the key litmus tests of a good episode of Doctor Who is whether you really want to go an watch it again. To give you an example - few people really want to see Time and the Rani again. Whereas many probably wanted to see The Empty Child again as soon as the end credits stopped rolling.

Forest of the Dead
is a little different. When I finished watching it, I didn't so much want to watch it again, as I felt I had to watch it again. It demands repeat viewing as it is a brilliant piece of work, literally overflowing with ideas. It also packed an emotional punch, and tied up every single strand of the story - from the data ghosts through to the Doctor Moon. Not a word, nor an idea, was wasted. It all fell into place - proof positive of a master story teller.

The rest of the series may seem anti-climatic after last night's episode, but no matter. It was great, plain and simple.

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