Saturday, June 07, 2008

Clinton '08 - No More

And finally... she bows out.

There will be some who will be advise Obama to make Hillary Clinton his Vice-Presidential candidate for the election in November. And there is a case for that - she clearly has some support in the Democrats - how else would she manage to drag out her campaign for so long?

And yet... would you want Hillary as your Vice-President? Would you want her in your White House, constantly trying to become involved in every aspect of your administration? Would you want her running her own presidential campaign, whilst you run for President? Would you want her running for President, whilst you run the country? And would you want her secretly praying you get gunned down, so she can take your Presidency from you?

Maybe I'm being harsh about Hillary Clinton, but her campaign has highlighted again and again her naked lust for power. She wants to be President more than anything else, and will not let anyone or anything - even reality - stand in her way. If I was Obama, I'd be very wary before I made the call to Hillary, asking her to be my Vice-President.

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