Monday, June 23, 2008

Brown-Bashing: A year of gaffes, tragedy and farce

Come Friday, Brown will have been in power for a year. I fully expect Britain to grind to a halt, what with all the spontaneous celebrations of the first anniversary of the great healer coming to power, and repairing our damaged society with his bold courage and clear vision.

No, not really. I’d imagine anyone who thinks of Gordon Brown’s first anniversary on Friday, including many members of the Labour party, will respond with a sigh of weary despair. They might ask “Jesus, is he really still in power?” and “what, you’re kidding, it has only been a year? I thought it would have been much longer.” Still, one group of people who will be celebrating the dreadful travesty that is Brown’s first year in power are the Tories. In fact, via Guido, it appears they have even put together their own document, tearing into Gordo.

It is a good read, and should bring a smile to the lips of anyone who things Brown is a massive tool. Go take a read; it shows that at least one section of the Tory party still has teeth. Some of the chapter headings say it all: “Brown the failure”, “Brown the incompetent”, “Brown the ditherer”, “Brown the hypocrite” and (my favourite, as it perfectly sums up the past 12 months) “Gordon Brown: a year of gaffes, tragedy and farce.”

Of course, there are still some Brown loyalists (look, stop laughing, there are. No, stop it, there are) who will defend him. Take Dawn Butler, who is quoted in The Independent as saying:

"Whatever their politics, most people in this country know that Gordon Brown is a decent man with integrity trying to do the best for Britain in difficult times. They will be disgusted by these kinds of personal attacks on his character."
Gordon Brown – a decent man? With integrity? Don’t make me laugh. He is a spineless, self-serving shit. An angry arsehole of a man, bitter and broken by circumstances entirely of his own making. He is a coward, hiding from any act or action that might make him unpopular – unaware that such naked opportunism makes him even more unpopular. He is a bottler, an egregious ejit of a man, not deserving of the high office he holds. He is not a decent man; he is a liar, a bully, a thief and an arrogant cunt to boot. I long for the day when his administration finally becomes a joke, because that will be the day he leaves office. As it stands, his administration is a hopeless, surreal nightmare. Brown is not a man of integrity. Instead he is a shallow man who is despicable in every important respect.

And I’m not alone in thinking that. The polls speak for themselves. But just to clarify for the likes of Butler, and anyone else who just doesn’t get it. Brown is incompetent. Brown is a failure. He should do the country a favour by just going.

Over the course of a year, Brown as shown himself to be absolutely incompetent. He should celebrate his first anniversary in Number 10 by making it his last. Resigning is the way forward for Gordon.

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At 4:07 pm , Blogger Mark Wadsworth said...

You forgot "corrupt".


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