Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Wisdom of The Fall

The Moai sent me this link to an interview with the Fall frontman, Mark E Smith. Anyone who doesn't know who the Fall are should... oh, what's the point?

Anyway, the comments from Mark E Smith are very entertaining. I mean, I thought I was curmudgeonly, but I've got nothing on Mark E Smith. The two stand out comments for me:

I crave space. I only have three chairs in the house: one for the wife, one for me, and one for a guest. No more. One guest at a time - that's my philosophy. You don't want your house turning into a hippy commune.

Geldof's a brilliant chancer. He's built a whole career on Live Aid and do-gooding; a whole career that wasn't there before. I mean, who listens to the Boomtown Rats and who buys his albums? At least Bono, for all his faults, has a career outside of all that hand-shaking.
Magic stuff.

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At 6:21 pm , Blogger asquith said...

Bono has a career, but he's shite. I'd have preferred it if he'd never made a record in his life :)


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